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   ▪ Review rules for FIG or US Junior program

   ▪ Set time for casual or intense review

Screen Saver

   ▪ Set for FIG or US Junior program

   ▪ Show skills for every event


   ▪ Notepad for comments on any rule or skill

   ▪ Judges shorthand for all skills (new style & FIG)


   ▪ Easy access to the rules

   ▪ Flashcard style review


   ▪ Fig and US Junior Class 4, 3, 2 and 1

   ▪ Print or export lists of skills


   ▪ Display every skill (over 1200)

   ▪ Display every rule (over 1100)


   ▪ Full screen play

   ▪ Show your own video in Player 2


   ▪ Over 425 video illustrations

   ▪ Frame-by-frame play





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